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Baby allow to go to hot spring ?

I am planning to go Natural Hot Spring Naniwa No Yu with my hubby and baby . But i wonder is baby allow to go to hot spring and he allowed to go ? Is that still recommend we going for the hot spring ?


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    You may be able to bring a baby to an onsen facility, but please ask the staff there about their policy on young children.

    If you are asking if your baby can bathe in the hot spring with you, it is not recommended. Japanese children generally accompany a parent from age three or four because:

    1. It could be dangerous for a younger child due to the temperature of the water and the danger of slipping on wet surfaces.

    2.It's very important to keep the water in an onsen clean, so young children with no bladder/bowel control must not be taken into the water.

    I hope this helps.

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    Yes, babies are allowed to go to hot springs, but it's important to ensure their safety and monitor them closely due to the potential risks associated with hot water.
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