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I'm completely lost: can anyone help please?
is it worth for a 7 or 14 day Japan rail pass? or a Kansai travel pass? which one?

here's our itinerary:April or July
Arrival Tokyo airport
4 days in Tokyo
Tokyo-kamakura-tokyo (day trip)
tokyo-kawaguchi-tokyo (day trip)
3 days Kyoto
kyoto-Nara-kyoto (day trip)
kyoto-osaka-kyoto (day trip)
kyoto-kanzawa-kyoto (day trip)
inuyama-takayama-inuyama(day trip)
inuyama-nagoya-inuyama (day trip)
day trip from inuyama? not sure where to go yet
inuyama -osaka airport- departure

thank you in advance!


  • Hi,
    Given the current situation, travel this month is simply impossible. As for July, it may be possible but as of now it looks like a very optimistic projection.
    That question aside, there is no way a 7-day pass would work for your plans above. For a 14-day pass, it looks borderline for breaking even, so in that case, I'd go for it, just to also have the convenience of not needing to line up to get tickets all the time. The only issue is that you cannot go to Inuyama on JR - you can go up to Nagoya, and then pay for the Meitetsu trains the rest of the way. Inuyama Castle is small and quaint, but one of the surviving originals. The real treat though is Meiji Mura.
    I might skip Osaka in the day as well, and go see Himeji for half a day, with the rest in Kobe. You can still see Osaka in the evening after Kyoto, which is when Osaka really comes alive anyway. Up to you.
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