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Need for credit card to get the online booked Shinkansen tickets

Dear reader

I am planning to visit Japan in the Easter holidays and given the recent price increase of the JRpass and our itinerary I decided to directly buy online the Shinkansen tickets.

From what I could understand on the Web, to get the actual papet tickets I will need to go to the ticket machines and type reservation number, ID, and provide the credit card with which the tickets have been bought. Is this correct?

My problem is that between now and the moment I will be in Japan my credit cards will expire and I do not have yet the new ones. So I could provide the cards but would be expired. Does anyone know if this credit card check is mandatory and really tied to a specific credit card number that has to be within its validity term?

Is the use of QR code an alternative solution?Many thanks to whoever could help me.

Kindest regards


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