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Kansai Wide Pass

Hi - the Kansai Wide Pass allows my entry into Shikuko, Utazu Station. However, my destination from Kinosakionsen via Okayama to Oboke Station. How do I purchase the ticket from Utazu Station to Oboke Station? Can I pay for it when I arrive at Oboke Station? The Ltd Express train Nanpu is a direct train from Okayama to Oboke Station and I only have 15 mins to change platform at Okayama. Thank you!


  • There are different ways you can pay for it.
    You can pay the fare difference when you arrive at Oboke. They will calculate it at the station. Probably it will be about ¥2640 for an unreserved seat.
    Another possibility is that a JR person checks peoples tickets as the train is in motion, and you can pay the difference on the spot there.

    Also I hope you realize it will take in total about 6 hours to get from Kinosaki Onsen to Oboke.

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  • That clarifies. Many thanks!
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