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Rail Pass Hiroshima

Morning All,

I'm arriving in Hiroshima and was wondering if I had a 7 day rail pass if tis would get me from the airport into the city? I have read I can use the pass for the Ferry. I am also looking at traveling to Kyoto for a day trip, I have always wanted to experience a Onsen, but since I have Tattoos I could not find anywhere in Hiroshima to is it. I'm just a bit confused to where abuts I can use a rail pass on? Or would it be better just to buy single tickets each time?

Thank for your advise and help.



  • Hi,
    You should give more info on your full itinerary. If you're just going from Hiroshima to Kyoto and back, a 7 day JR Pass would not pay off. Instead, you should look at getting a JR Kansai Hiroshima Area Pass.

    It is far cheaper.

    There is no direct access by train to Hiroshima Airport. You can catch a bus from the airport to Hiroshima City, or a bus to Mihara Stn and then get the bullet train into Hiroshima, or a bus or taxi to Kochi Stn not too far from the airport.

    The Sankeien Garden is next to the airport and if you have the time, is worth a look.

    Most onsen turn away people with tatoos. It's a symbol connected with the mafia and it gives other guests the creeps. Maybe you could go to an onsen if you covered the tatoos with a bandage, but no promises.
  • Thx for that Tenjin..I will be staying in Hiroshima for the entire time I am in Japan. I was looking at taking a day trip to Kyoto.
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