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Travel to Kawaguchiko, Shijuku, Kusatsu and Narita with JR Pass

Dear all,
any idea how to use JR pass for the above travelling for 6days 5 nights tour?


  • We planned to stay a day at Kawaguchiko, then back to Shijuku for 2nd night. Travel to Kusatsu and spend a night there. After that, trabel to Narita-shi for 2 nights.
    Just wonder JR Pass will help us reach the above route or not?
  • Hi,
    The JR Pass covers the area of course, but you'd lose a lot of money for such short distance trips like you have. You should instead look at getting a Tokyo Wide Pass (or 2).
  • Thanks.
    Anyway, shall we buy the pass at Narita airport?
    If we are 6 days at Tokyo for the above area, shall we buy 2 pass each person?
  • It looks like if you can go to Kawaguchiko and Kusatsu and back within 3 consecutive days, you get get the most value that way. Travel within Tokyo is cheap and won't make the pass pay off. Going to Narita helps, but it is still not enough. Besides, you can go to Narita cheaply on the 1000 yen bus.

    It seems to me one pass is enough, unless you do more travel (e.g. Nikko, Izu, Karuizawa, Takao, etc).
  • Thank you very much!
  • One more to ask:
    We just buy the Tokyo Wide Pass at Narita Airport JR Station?
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