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Alternative for 7 day JR Pass


I am planning to get a 7 day JR pass for my following itienary but realise the cost of it (7 day JR pass) doesnt justify. And on top of that I cant use JR pass for the whole of my journey from tokyo to Hakone. which I have been advised to get an additional Hakone 2 day pass on top of the 7 day pass.

Is there another recommended regional pass or rail pass combination which I can buy to better utilise for the following itienary (Especially for use from tokyo to Kanazawa) instead of buying a 7 day JR pass with Hakone Day pass?


Day 1 Tokyo - Hakone - Tokyo
Day 2 Tokyo - Kanazawa - Shirakawa Go- Kanazawa
Day 3 Kanazawa - Kyoto
Day 4 Kyoto - Nara - Kyoto
Day 5 Kyoto - Osaka
Day 6 Osaka
Day 7 Osaka - Kansai Airport


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