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Train travel to Niseko

We are arriving in Tokyo on April 4th 2018 at 6 am . Is it possible to get the train to Niseko that morning or do I need to spend a night in tokyo and book for the following day? We are purchasing a JR national pass..


  • There should be no problem getting seats on April 4th. School starts at the beginning of April and many companies start their fiscal year from then too, so most people will be at work. Getting into Tokyo may be a bit of a hassle if you have to deal with the rush hour crowds on the trains and subways, which are breathtaking to watch.

    You can see rail info and schedules at:

    There is more info on
    If you are really taking the train all the way up there, it will be a brutal day, especially right after a long international flight.
  • Thankyou, we have decided to stay a night in Tokyo then travel on the 5th. Do you know, can we book our train to Niseko at the airport when we pick up our JR pass? Or do we need to book at the station. Also unsure of which station we go from, I am assuming it is Tokyo Station.
  • Hi,
    As long as you have an activated pass, you can do it at any JR office or station. If you want, you can do it while activating your pass.

    Please remember that a day starts and ends at midnight, so if you start your pass at the airport immediately, your first day ends at midnight, not the following day 24 hours later.
  • JR defines the busy period up to Apr 5. Spring holidays could continue to the following week, likely for university students. Niseko could be crowded with such students.
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