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Tokyo-Kyoto-Mt Fuji-Tokyo

Is this itinerary starting at Tokyo-Kyoto-Mt Fuji- Tokyo
Easy to do by train.
I can’t seem to work out how to get from Kyoto to Mt Fuji- Fujisan train station from Kyoto, by train.
Please help,

Thank you



  • Hi,
    You need to specify which part of the Fuji area you want to go to. As for going from Tokyo to Kansai and back, seeing the Hakone area of Mt Fuji would be the most time saving and easiest.
    You'd take the bullet train from Kyoto and get off at Odawara Stn., then to save money, buy a Hakone Free Pass. After seeing the area, return and catch the next bullet train into Tokyo. The Hakone Loop Course is a common way to see the area.
    The JR Pass cannot be used to see the sights of Hakone.

    If you wanted to see the Fuji 5 Lakes area, that is on the other side of Mt Fuji. You'd need to pay for a bus from Odawara and it would take you a lot more time.
    If you wanted to climb Mt Fuji, it would have to be in summertime, and you'd again have to move through Hakone to the mountain. There is no scenery of the mountain since you'd be on it.
  • Hello,
    We are only needing to get to fujisan train station as our accommodation is near there. Can we get there from Odawara Stn.

    Thank you for your reply
  • Assuming your destination is Fuji Stn in Fuji, Shizuoka Prefecture, you can take a bullet train most of the way to Shizuoka Stn. It depends on the time and trains you board. See this as a sample:
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