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Making a reservation

Hello :). I'm going to visit Japan this upcoming Golden Week and I will visit a friend there, she is Japanese. I plan to visit of course Tokyo, yokohama and area around Tokyo, but also Hirosaki which is my friend's hometown. Both of us are worried that trains will be crowded during Golden Week and that we should make train reservations as soon as possible. She explained me that the earliest reservations can be done one month before the trip and she can do it easily since she is Japanese and knows the language much better than me.

So my question is, if I buy Rail Pass can she reserve the seat for me from Japan so when I come to Japan I just apply my Rail Pass on that reservation?

If not, what are my chances of finding a seat for Hirosaki during Golden Week?

Thank you in advance for help :)


  • Hi,
    Your friend is correct. For JR East trains, you can do seat reservations online, such as

    If she can make 2 seat reservations for you, then you just activate your pass in Japan with your first date of desired travel.
    BTW you may not be giving your whole itinerary, but if you are, you don't have to get the full JR Pass.
    The JR East Tohoku Area Pass is much cheaper and may serve you better.
  • Thank you very much for your kind help and fast reply :). I didn't know there was JR East Tohoku Area Pass, it suits me much more than full JR Pass. Thank you once again, I will consult more with my friend and maybe come back if we have some aditional questions :)
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