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where can i use the JR pass

can i use the JR pass from osaka to hokkaido? thanks


  • Yes, but unless you were touring your way up there, it would be crazy. You can fly up there in about 2 hours, and there are dirt cheap airfares on low cost carriers like Jet Star or Peach, or ANA's Experience Japan Fare. Some are as low as ¥4800 (about US$ 43) one way!
  • i cant ride the train from tokyo to hokkaido?
  • You can ride on any JR rail lines. But even from Tokyo to Hokkaido, using the bullet train as far as you can go, it would take over 8 hours, completely killing the day for you. It is a very long way by land travel. By plane you'd be there in 90 minutes.
    But it's your choice.
  • thank you so much
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