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JR line pass cost?

I am wondering if JR PASS will cover my cost, so far I know that many short trips are about $2-6 and the main cost is me going from Tokyo to Kyoto ($140), and maybe Kyoto to the Ryokan- will pass Osaka ($30) and Ryokan to Osaka ($20)

I am coming into Narita Airport, and will stay in Shinjuku for the trip in Tokyo

Day 1 : Reach Narita -> Shinjuku > Harajuku > Shinjuku
Day 2 : Shinjuku > Ikebukuro > Akihabara > Asakusa > Ueno Park/ Roppongi > Shinjuku
Day 3 : Shinjuku > Shibuya > Yasakuni > Tokyo Tower > Shinjuku
Day 4 : Shinjuku > Ghibli Museum > Shinjuku
Day 5 (Travel Day) : Shinjuku > Tokyo Station (Hikari Shinkansen) > Kyoto > Fushimi Inari
Day 6 : Blocked
Day 7 : Fushimi Inari > Manga Museum > Fushimi Inari
Day 8 : Fushimi Inari > Kyoto > Osaka > Nara (Ryokan) - prepared to pay out of pocket with this
Day 9 : Ryokan > Osaka > Namba Station
Day 10 : Namba Station > USJ >Namba Station
Day 12 : Namba Station > KIX airport

I am wondering if there are any JR line in Osaka/and Kyoto? Or can I get aroudn enough to justify my fare for the JR line?


  • Hi,
    A 7 day pass would not pay off for such a one way fare.
  • So does that mean I am better off paying for the tickets when I'm there? Thanks for the respond!
  • Yes. Although some local passes may help. From Narita you might look at a Keisei+Metro package:
    or there is the 1000 yen bus
    Also a 2-3 day subway pass can save money.
    For the Kansai area, the Icoca & Haruka discount ticket can help:
    and a Kintetsu rail pass might be worth considering:
  • I have changed my mind about the trip.
    I am thinking to have a round trip from Tokyo to Kyoto then from Osaka to Tokyo, would that 7 day pass cover my trip? I know the cost from Tokyo to Kyoto is about $140 so it should be similar if I come from Osaka to Tokyo right?
    I really would like to take shinkansen if possible and I know JR pass only covers Hikari which is fine by me.

    I will probably be getting the 3 day subway pass unlimited just to get around easier in Tokyo, same goes with other cities.

    Thanks agin
  • Hi,
    In that case, you have a choice. Given the cheapest non-reserved adult bullet train ticket you can buy, a 7 day JR Pass still comes up as more expensive than round trip regular tickets. However, if you use the Narita Express just once, or do a side trip to Himeji for example (which is also well worth it) , or do a day trip from Tokyo to Nikko for example, you'd come out ahead using the pass. And of course if you did something like a day trip with an early morning start to Hiroshima/Miyajima, you rack up some massive savings.

    There is another alternative - the japanican discount ticket.
    With these tickets you can actually take the Nozomi train, and get there about 30 min. faster. You also get 1 day of local transport for free. On the down side, you can't stop off in between nor go beyond your ticketed destination. And you'd need to pay for the trains between
    Kyoto, Osaka, and Nara, but given the price difference you'd still come out ahead.

    So choose which one serves you better.
  • Hi Tenjin & Darkwav!

    Tenjin, you made mention of the Keisei (round trip) + Metro Package. Im confused on Keisei's explanation regarding the use of the ticket. What if my date of arrival in Narita is Oct. 30, and my departure from Narita is Nov. 6. How would i use the choices for 24 hrs., 48hrs. 72hrs. ticket? Or if i understood it right - the round trip ticket is applicable to both the arrival and departure dates regardless of how many days passed but within the 6-month expiry period. However, the 24-hr Metro ticket is applicable within 24 hours when used from arrival.

    Thank you.
  • Hi,
    I didn't specify round trip - you can do a one way or round trip ticket. The package includes a 1 day or 2 day subway pass, which does not need to be used the same day you take the Keisei. If you get the 2 day pass though they are consecutive. All of this is pretty clearly explained in the terms & conditions box on the page I linked to above.

    The 1-3 day subway pass is a totally separate ticket you can buy. The price of the one day pass though makes it nearly impossible to justify. But with a moderate amount of subway riding, you can save some good money with the 2-3 day passes.
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