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Travel to Hokkaido 15th till 23rd June

Good afternoon!
We are 4 family members planned to visit Hokkaido for 2nd time.
Ist time visit in yr 2015, used JR 7days pass.
This time we planned to stay 2 nights at Chitose, n do day travel to Lake Shikotsu on the 15th, travel around Chitose on 16th.
Then stay at Asahikawa for 5 nights. We planned to visit Furano and Biei for 1-2day from Asahikawa. Travel at around Asahikawa for 2 days. We spare 1 day here. is it convenient to do day visit to Wakkanai with your JR pass?
Anyway, we will stay 1 night at Chitose on 22nd.
Please advice which JR pass is suitable for us?


  • Hi,
    Given your long stay I don't see rail passes working out for you. If you want a rail pass, you should be looking at the Hokkaido Rail Passes anyway.

    I would say if you are up for it, you really should consider renting a car for a lot of your side trips. With 4 people it gets a lot more economical.

    You could use a Hokkaido Expressway Pass.

    As for going to Wakkanai, with a good connection by train you are talking 3 hours and 45 minutes one way, making a day trip completely unrealistic.
  • Thank you very much!
    I think using local day pass n JR 3 days pass will be cheaper for certain traveling. We experienced taxi to flower farm costed 2500-3000 JPY per trip from jr station at Biei and Furano. Thus we decided to drive there for two days traveling, rental of car n toll charge plus fuel will be much cheap for 4 travelers.
    Any tourist information for Asahikawa?
  • Thank you for your advice.
    JR Hokkaido pass can use for travelling from Chitose to Lake Shikotsu n back to Chitose? if can, we planning to purchase 3 days pass. Rent 2-3 days car for Biei n Furano visit. After that, 3 days pass for the rest of traveling at Asahikawa n Chitose.
    Is it ok planning?
  • A rail pass just for Shikotsu does not make sense - even if rail were a good option, it is too short for any rail pass. It is better to drive or take some buses. There are 4-6 buses a day you can use.
  • thank you very much!
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