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Japan in September and October

Planning a trip for 2 to Japan Sep 15 to Oct 18. 33 days
Plan to be in Tokyo for 6 days then fly to Hokaido for a week and rent a car, fly to Nagoya and travel 9 days with a rental car to Fuji&Lakes and Japan alps. 22 days so far
Now my plan is to ativate a JR pass in Nagoya, travel by train to Hiroshima, go for a day trip into Miajima, continue to Nara for 2 days, then to Toba and rent a car for a day trip in the Ise penninsula. Then go to Kyoto for 3 days and end up in Narita airport a day before our flight back.
1. Does this plan make sense? Doable?
2. Plan to purchase the 14 day pass even though I have only only 10-11days to use it. Does the JR pass cover all the travel described above( Nagoya and on) and is it worthwhile to purchase the 14 days pass?

Thanks for the enriching comments


  • Hi,
    First, for your plans, you still fall a ways short from making a 14 day pass pay off. That said, if you made some practical changes as I'll mention, it can save you some money.
    If you want to see the Fuji area, then going to Nagoya makes little sense. It would be better to fly to Tokyo, then take a bullet train to Odawara (if you want to see the Hakone area too) and then tour the area. But if only the Fuji 5 Lakes area, you can take a JR train to Otsuki and then pay for a Fujikyu train to Kawaguchiko. Then rent a car for the area. For the Japan Alps (which is broad and you don't specify where you are going), then deep in Nagano is where you want to go. You could go to Nagano City or Matsumoto and rent a car from there.
    Going to Nagoya would make sense to see Gifu - Takayama, Gero, Shirakawago etc. (which is not a bad idea either).
  • Thank you Tenjin for your enlighting comments
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