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Hello...will be arriving on Nov 8 Nagoya then off to Kyoto and will be exiting Japan through Osaka...Will it be economical for us to purchase the JR Pass, Tokaido-Sanyo, JR Kansai or purchase each ticket for every travel? hoping for your assistance. Thank you.


  • Thank you for your message.

    I think it would be not really worthwhile for you Japan Rail Pass 7 days. 7 days pass is worthwhile when you do this itinerary: Tokyo-Kyoto/Osaka, and Kyoto/Osaka - Tokyo...

    Even if you get Shinkansen from Nagoya to Kyoto, it costs only 5000yen. And Osaka is really close to Osaka (about 30-40min by train) and you can take private line (about 500yen).

    Japan Rail Pass is interesting ticket if you do long itinerary.
    Unfortunately you can use any pass.

    If you have a any question, don't hesitate!

    Thanks a lot, have a great trip.

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