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JR Rail Pass Refund

Do not expect an easy answer on the refund policy. My partner thought she had forgot our tickets so we purchased again in Tokyo only to find they were in her bag some days later. Followed the instructions on the JR Rail website and sent all the documentation to their Paris office, only to be told months later (after I RANG THEM) that maybe I did not buy tickets through them so they could not refund. ARE YOU JOKING !!!!!
Following this up as best I can but expecting to have wasted $1000 and I am going to have fun posting bad comments on every sight possible.
Fraudulent activity in the least !!!! Disgusted


  • Hello,

    Our company, Japan Experience, is just one of many authorised sellers of the Japan Rail Pass.

    (A list of all the authorised sellers can be found on the official JR Pass website here: http://japanrailpass.net/en/purchase.html)

    If a customer buys their passes from us, through our website ('Japan Rail Pass by Japan Experience', www.japan-rail-pass.com), then of course we are happy to refund those vouchers as long as they are returned to us unused within one year of the issue date, but we hope you understand why unfortunately we cannot refund a voucher that has been purchased through a different vendor of the pass - it's like trying to return an item you bought by taking it back to a completely different store than you bought it from. If you didn't purchase from us we don't have your money, and therefore can't refund it.

    Ultimately it is the customer's responsibility to check who they purchased their pass from (using their order confirmation email), and follow that company's return policy accordingly.

    If passes are returned to us that weren't bought from our website, naturally we won't have the person's details on file - only the company that they ordered from will - so we can't contact them about it and can only wait for the customer to get in touch.

    We're sorry about the trouble you're having getting your refund, but our company activity is in no way fraudulent.

    Kind regards,
    Japan Experience
  • So YOU screwed up and and it's the seller's fault?

    If you go buy a Big Mac and then decide you don't want it, do you really think Burger King is going to refund it for you?!?
  • I had to cancel our trip at the last minute due to my wife having to undergo some very serious surgery. I did notify the company early but did not do anything about for over a month - obviously too many concerns going on! Followed the instructions on the website, including posting registered mail to Paris (and including a copy of my online receipt). I got my refund pretty darn quick back into my credit card as well as confirming email. Went as smooth as clockwork. We have booked our trip to visit in a few months I will be using this company again.
    Can't fathom the previous post?
  • edited November 2017
    Would also like to share my experience with refunding. We initially ordered 14-day passes on Oct 18, but then realized later on that 7-day passes are much more cost effective for us. We purchased the replacement passes on Oct 24 (they need you to buy replacement vouchers from their store, otherwise it counts as cancellation instead of replacement and will incur a 10% fee), and then sent back the 14-day passes the next day Oct 25 via FedEx. Those arrived 2 days later, Oct 27, according to FedEx tracking. And then after 4 days, on Oct 31, we received an email from them acknowledging receipt of the vouchers and also indicating that they have processed the refund. Today, Nov 2, the refund has not yet reflected on my credit card but I am positive that it will pretty soon. I will update this entry once I confirm it so you guys know exactly what to expect if ever you stumble upon the same predicament.

  • Thanks Paul!

    Refunds usually take from 3-7 business days to show in your account. But of course please get in touch if you don't see it reflected soon!

    Japan Experience
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