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12 Full days in Japan - 1st time!

Hi there good people of this forum, apologies for my long post and lots of questions :)

My wife and I will be travelling to Japan in the middle of November.
I have a rough idea on my itinerary but would really appreciate a little guidance.

We arrive in Tokyo at night so it really starts on the next day, My plans so far:

Day 1 - Tokyo - Senso-ji shrine - then go to Tokyo Skytree - then head to Sumida Hokusai Museum

Question 1 - Do you think we will have enough time to also do the Edo-Tokyo Museum?

Day 2 - Tokyo - Day trip to Nikko

Day 3 - Tokyo - Ghibli Museum - Then on to Kyoto!

Day 4 - Kyoto

Question 2 - Any recommendations for our 3 days in Kyoto are welcome - any must do's? places to eat? - We are muslim, so any Halal places anyone knows about or great seafood/vegetarian places?

Day 5 - Kyoto - Day trip to Nara

Day 6 - Kyoto - Kyoto most of the day - then on to Osaka!

Day 7 - Osaka

Question 3 - Same as Question 2 but for Osaka :)

Day 8 - Osaka - Universal Studios

Day 9 - Osaka - Osaka most of day - then on to Lake Kawaguchiko!

Day 10 - Fuji - Then back to Tokyo!

Question 4 - Any recommendations for our 2 half days staying in and around Lake Kawaguchiko?

Day 11 - Tokyo -

Day 12 - Tokyo - Shopping in Shibuya and wanted to see the Meiju Jingu Shrine

Day 13 - Fly home

If you made it this far then thank you very much for reading through my half completed Itinerary.

My Main question after all this would be travel and whether or not to get the 14 day Japan rail pass or just the 7 day Japan rail pass ???

Also any other travel tips between our destinations would be most welcome.

Thanks !


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