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Family trip in dec to fukuoka and nagoya

I wld like to know if I can also.visit hiroshima? Easier to go there from fukuoka ir from nagoya? What day trips are recommended from fukuoka and nagoya? Any ski resort nearby?


  • Hi,
    Hiroshima is much closer to Fukuoka. As for day trips from Fukuoka, there are many. Especially is you have a rail pass, Kagoshima is just 90 minutes away by bullet train, and Sakurajima is a rare experience.
    Kumamoto is just 40 minutes away. Nagasaki is about 2 hours away and the most interesting and varied city on the island. Plus in Yamaguchi, the Akiyoshido Cave is mind blowing.

    You should not miss Fukuoka either - there are many nice parks, traditional gardens, and the Nanzoin Temple nearby is one of the finest in Japan - yet virtually unknown to even the well traveled.

    Nagoya is a very industrial city and among the big cities one of the most boring. Nearby though there is Inuyama and Meiji Mura.
    Plus Takayama is about 2 hours away and captures a lot of the old Japan.
    For skiing, Nagoya is far better since you are close to the Japan Alps.

    You can see previews of some of the best places to see in Japan on:
  • May I know if i buy 7 day jr west pass can cover fukuoka to kagoshima, nagas aki, yamagchi, hiroshima and nagoya?
  • Hello, Aloy!

    There isn't actually a regional pass that covers both Honshu and anything past Fukuoka in Kyushu.

    Sounds like a job for the JR Pass.
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