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Kyoto-Koyasan-Tokyo, will JR work for this trip?


I'm hoping you could help me to figure it out what is the more efficient way to go from:

a) Koyasan to Tokyo?
b) Koyasan via Takayama to Tokyo?

I still have not a plan for the time between Koyasan and Tokyo. I am considering a place "on the way" (Koyasan via Takayama to Tokyo?), so to have "different" expierience, but not sure, if I have time for it? Maybe to much effort and just to add an extra night in Tokyo instead?

The rest of my itinerary:

We arrive and depart in/from Tokyo Narita (20.11-04.12).

Tokyo by train to Kyoto (sleep)

Kyoto (5 full days), with a day trip to Nara and to Yamazaki distillery

Kyoto- Koyasan (sleep)

Koyasan - ?? Osaka ? (sleep) or something closer to Tokyo?

Tokyo (4 full days), with a 1 day trip to Fuji Lake.

Will the JR Pass work for us?

Thank you in advance for your help.


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