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Booking seats during New Years Holidays


Can someone please advise if we have to book our train seats when we would like to take the train from Osaka to Tokyo on 28/29-12?

And is it recommended to reserve a seat on 03/01 from Myoko to Tokyo?

If so, can you please advise how we can book the seats? We're planning on purchasing the JR pass.



  • Hi,
    Getting seat assignments during a very busy period like the end and start of the year would be a very good idea.
    They are free and you can get them done one at a time or all at once at any JR office.
    You can see regular fares, routes and schedules on Hyperdia.
    Under "More Options", be sure to uncheck the Nozomi box since you can't ride that train using the pass.
  • Thanks for your reply!
    Can I reserve seats overseas as well?
    If not, will seats still be available a couple of days before I would like to go?

  • Hi,
    For your routes, you can only reserve your seats once you are in Japan and have activated your pass.
    Again, I suggest you reserve your seats as soon as you've decided which train to ride. Use Hyperdia to look at the schedules.
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