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Bullet Train for an Itinerary

Hello, can I buy tickets for the bullet train speed with my itinerary? Not the pass, just single tickets. Please advise. Thank you.
Haneda - Shinjuku Apr 7, 2018
Otsuki - Kawaguchiko
Kawaguchiko - Otsuki Apr 9, 2018
Otsuki - Takao
Takao - Hachioji
Hachioji - Shin
Kyato - Okayama
Okayama - Chayamachi
Chayamachi - Uno
Ferry Uno port - Miyanoura
Ferry Miyanoura - Uno port Apr 14, 2018
Uno - Chayamachi
Chayamachi - Kojima


  • Hi,
    You're not giving all the correct station names, but from what I can see, you can take a bullet train between Kyoto and Okayama.
    You can easily buy the tickets at the JR station.
  • I would buy Nozomi tickets for the part of Tokyo/Shinagawa-Kyoto and Kyoto-Okayama.

    For the others, I would consider direct buses for Haneda-Shinjuku and Shinjuku-Kawaguchiko. The same bus would be faster for Kawaguchiko-Takao. Keio trains are cheaper for Takao-Shinjuku. So is a direct bus for Okayama-Uno.

    Haneda -(Limousine)- Shinjuku -(Fujikyu Bus)- Kawaguchiko -(Bus+JR)- Takao -(Keio)- Shinjuku -(JR+Nozomi)- Kyoto -(Nozomi)- Okayama -(Ryobi Bus)- Uno -(Shikoku Kisen Ferry)- Naoshima(Miyanoura) -(Ferry)- Uno -(JR)- Chayamachi -(JR)- Kojima...
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