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Using JR Rail pass for Shinkansen? Round trip.

I'll be going to Tokyo to Kyoto just for a day trip there (round trip).

Could I use the JR Rail Pass for it? My AirBnB host told me to check if they allow it ( round trip for Shinkansen). I'll be staying in Japan for 5 nights and considering buying the 7-Day pass.


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    You could do it, but you would not be getting your money's worth, nor is Kyoto really a day trip.
    But if you add a bit more, like using the Narita Express just once, you'd at least break even.
    A better deal would be the japanican ticket.

    It's cheaper and faster - you can take the Nozomi bullet train with it, getting you there 30 minutes faster.

    As I mentioned, Kyoto deserves a lot more time. If you could add at least one more day, it would be well worth it.
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    Thanks -- well, I'll also be using the JR Pass for 1-day in Yokohama, and around Tokyo as well.

    I figure, the JR Rail Pass (7-day) can be used for all of those, right?
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    You can use the JR Pass on all JR routes. But fares for within Tokyo or Yokohama are next to nothing and so would be your savings.
    If you took a day trip to somewhere like Nikko, Izu, Karuizawa, Kusatsu, or even Sendai, you would at least get some decent savings. Otherwise, why get the pass at all if you lose close to $30?
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