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Travel from Shirakawa-go to Kyoto

I would like to get from Shirakawa-go to Kyoto on the same day. I will have a Japan Rail pass. What is the best/quickest way to do this? Thank you.


  • Hey, SC.

    In case you didn't know, trains don't serve Shirakawa-go. This means that your trip can't be entirely covered by the JR Pass.

    Surely the best way to reach Kyoto that takes advantage of your rail pass would be via Kanazawa.

    Take the Nohi or Hokutetsu bus to Kanazawa and then transfer to a JR Thunderbird bound for Osaka. At Kanazawa you could also reserve a seat for Kyoto by going to the JR ticket office.

    The Shirakawa-go buses have mandatory reservation.

    I hope this helps.
  • Dear,
    I'm going to Japan in this coming November. I would like to know is it worthy to take JR pass for a 9- 10 days travel in Japan?
    Is there any other ways to save costs?

    Here is my literary:
    Day 1: Osaka Kansai airport
    Day 2: Osaka
    Day 3: Tokushima Iya Kazurabashi
    Day 4: Tokushima Iya Kazurabashi
    Day 5: Kyoto
    Day 6: Kyoto
    Day 7: Kyoto
    Day 8: Nara
    Day 9: Osaka
    Day 10: Osaka Kansai airport

    This is my first time to Japan, and i have no ideas where to start.

    Thank You.
  • Hi,
    You simply do not travel enough to make a JR Pass pay off.
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