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I found this forum after I bought my JR Pass, did I plan correctly?

Here is my itinerary:

Day 1 - arrive at Narita airport, Limousine Bus into Tokyo (bought voucher on japan-rail-pass.com)

Day 2, 3, 4 - explore around Tokyo using Tokyo Metro 3-day unlimited pass (will purchase at Narita airport)

Day 5 - day trip to nearby Kamakura (will pay out of pocket for transportation)

Day 6 - activate JR national 7-day pass (bought voucher on japan-rail-pass.com), travel to Kyoto

Day 7,8 - explore Kyoto (I will have an activated JR Pass, should this cover most of my Kyoto travel? Or is a unlimited pass available similar to the Tokyo Metro unlimited pass?)

Day 9 - travel to Hiroshima, ferry to Miyajima

Day 10 - travel back to Tokyo

Day 11 - explore Tokyo using Tokyo Metro 1-day unlimited pass (will purchase at Narita airport)

Day 12 - take the Narita Express to airport (with last active day of JR Pass)

Does this look like the most cost effective way to travel?
Any areas where I could save a few dollars? Or has my planning pretty much covered the cheapest way to make this trip?

Thanks for any comments!


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