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Kobe Port - Kyoto - Nachi-Katsuura - Hakone - Kamakura - Shinjuku

Hi, I will be getting off a cruise ship in Kobe and plan to:

travel to Kyoto and stay 1 night; (May 30)
travel to Nachi-Katsuura and stay 2 nights; (May 31 - June 1)
travel to Hakone and stay 1 night; (June 2)
travel to visit Kamakura and move on to Shinjuku after my brief visit of Kamakura and stay for 2 nights. (June 3-4)
travel to Narita airport (June 5)

Can you tell me which is the best train route to take for my tentative itinerary and which station should I be leaving and arriving using the train. I would like to get the 7-Day JR Pass if I can utilize it for my itinerary.

Another question is my flight home is 9:25AM on June 5, is there an early train from Shinjuku to Narita for me to take in time to catch my flight?

Thank you in advance for your valuable advice.



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