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Sunrise Seto & Sunrise Izumo


We will be in Osaka for 3 days without the need of a JR Pass since we will be spending the first two days using a hop-on hop-off and enjoying the Tenjin Festival, then on the third day will be going to the Osaka Universal Studios.
The next day we wish to go to Sapporo and for the below reasons were thinking of catching the sleeping train from Osaka to Tokyo
1. to deposit our luggage in Tokyo without taking them on the low-cost flight from Tokyo to Sapporo
2. to experience an overnight sleeper train
3. Flights from Tokyo to Sapporo are cheaper and shorter

My questions are how can I see the prices including bedding for the Sunrise train? When we arrive in Sapporo New Chitose, we will be going to Usuzan and the following day to Asahikawa,

so should I consider some kind of pass to cover the sleeper train, the trip from Tokyo to Haneda Airoport and the travel until we arrive in Asakihawa? Then, the plan is to rent a car.



  • You didn't specify what airfares you are looking at, but if you look at the cheap airfares for foreign tourists from ANA for example, the fares for those routes are all the same, regardless of distance.
    There are also cheap low cost carriers which are even less. Flight time is not significantly longer from either Osaka or Tokyo.
    As far as luggage goes, you can use a luggage forwarding company (takuhaibin), which can send your bags to a place you choose on a given date (usually needs to be within a week) for a very reasonable fee.
    Most hotels will set it up for you, or if you are staying at a very low budget place, most convenience stores and major train stations are also drop off points for them and you can just fill out the paperwork right there.
    There are no rail passes that would pay off for an overnight train, and the pass doesn't cover the beds on such trains.
    One difference between ANA and the LCCs is that you can fly down to Haneda on ANA, whereas the LCCs go to Narita (but you can also take the 1000 yen bus into Tokyo).
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