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14-Day pass?

Apologies for yet another valuation question.

Arriving Narita for Tokyo on 14 Jul.
Edo Wonderland 18 Jul.
19 Jul from Tokyo --> Takayama via Shinkansen Hikari & Hida 9 (xfer in Nagoya)
21 Jul daytrip to Shirakawa Gogo
22 Jul from Takayama to Kyoto
while in Kyoto day trip to Himeji Castle
while in Kyoto day trip to Nara
27 Jul Kyoto back to Tokyo
28 Jul Tokyo to Narita for departure

Buying a 7 day pass for Takayama to Kyoto and on through 28 Jul more reasonable than 14 day pass when first week we only need Narita to Tokyo and Tokyo to Takayama. Am I missing something?

What JR pass should we purchase to travel from Takayam -> Kyoto -> Tokyo?

Thank you very much.
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