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most efficient means of transport

Good morning.
We will have our Japan tour this 2019 and our itineraries are as follows:
12/24 - manila to haneda; ETA - 1am of 12/25
12/25 - haneda to fuji yoshida, yamanashi
12/26 - fujiten snow resort, fuji five lakes, etc
12/27 - travel to osaka
12/28 - kyoto tour
12/29 - osaka tour
12/30 - travel to tokyo
12/31 - tokyo tour
01/01 - tokyo tour
01/02 - haneda to manila; ETD -12am of 01/03
Please advise us the most efficient means of transport for the above.
Hoping for your kind attention.



  • Hi,
    You would not make a 7 day or pass pay off with your plans, so just get regular fare tickets for the bullet train. After seeing the Fuji area, you can take a bus to Odawara or Mishima Stn to get the bullet train.
    You might look at one of the Odakyu passes like the Fuji-Hakone pass if you will be extensively touring the sights.
    As for Osaka, if you are also seeing Tokyo during your visit, you can mostly skip Osaka during the day. I highly suggest you take at least half a day and see Nara. Missing it would be a tragedy. Osaka in the evening can be a lot of fun though.
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