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Will be arriving in NRT about 5pm will I have time to pass customs get my luggage and get my JR pass and make a bullet train to Kyoto? Will be arriving on a Monday.


  • I forgot to mention I also have to pickup my pocket wifi at the post office in the airport will I still be able to make a bullet train to Kyoto?
  • You can check rail schedules, fares, etc on Hyperdia.
    The last train you can take to Kyoto leaves at 8:03 PM currently (though you didn't give your arrival date). To get to to Tokyo Stn by the Narita Express it takes almost an hour.
    So within the rest of your time you have to deplane, get your bags, go through Customs and Immigration, and get your pass activated. Then get your pocket wi-fi. Getting your pass could mean waiting in line for 30 minutes.
    Bottom line: Probably OK, but don't dawdle.
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