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Which pass to purchase

I will be going to japan as below

Arrive Kansai Airport on 15/12/19
first destination to Kyoto for 3 nights. Shall I purchase Haruka Ticket? I am holding SUICA Card.

18/12/19 & 19/12/19 to Takayama . How should I travel? How much is the ticket and where to purchase?

20/12/19 will go to Okuhida and stay a night. Will go to Shinotaka Ropeway.

21/12/19 and 22/12/19 to Kanazawa. How to travel?

23/7/19 to 25/7/19 to Osaka. How to travel?

Should i purchase Takayama Hokuriku Pass for 5 days?
Should I go to Shirakawago from Takayama or Kanazawa?

Can I use Takayama Hokuriku Pass travel from Kanazawa to Osaka?

What ticket should I buy from Osaka station to Kansai Airport?

Thank you.


  • Hi,
    Sorry but due to your choices and length of trip, I just don't see any passes working for you. You can certainly take the Haruka from KIX to Kyoto, it is one of the fastest choices. There is an Icoca+Haruka discount ticket, but since you already have a Suica card the Icoca would be redundant, and from what I can see if you are going to Kyoto and returning to KIX from Osaka, their round trip ticket wouldn't work for you.
    You can take the bullet train from Kyoto to Nagoya, then a Ltd Express to Takayama, as the fastest way. It will still take you just over 3 hours though. There is no rail access to the Shin-Hotaka ropeway, but there is an hourly bus from Takayama Stn to the ropeway (¥2160, 90 min.)
    December will be quite cold at that time though. If you want to go to Shirakawago, then return to Takayama and catch the bus there (again, there is no train - it's ¥2600, 50 min). It only takes a few hours to see Shirakawago (don't miss the village overlook as well). You can then take a bus to Kanazawa (¥2000, 75 min).
    For Kanazawa, don't miss the Kenrokuen Garden.
    From there, you can take the Thunderbird Ltd Express down to Osaka.
    The Takayama Hokuriku Pass is for 5 days as you said, but I can't see where you'd recoup the costs of the pass anywhere in your trip for any 5 days.
    Also if you can fit it in, I highly suggest you take half a day off of Osaka and go see Nara. It is one of the jewels of the country.
    and Osaka is better in the evenings anyway.

    You can check on train info on Hyperdia - you can see regular fares, routes, and schedules.

    Also, you can look at some previews of some of the best places to see in Japan on:

    There are also loads of other tips on

    Best regards.
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