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Which rail pass to purchase?

Our family of 4, (all adults) will be going to Tokyo-Osaka-KR-Tokyo for about a week. Which pass(es) to buy?

Day 1: Arrived in Narita. Stay in Tokyo (Need rail pass?)
Day 2: Tokyo in AM. Then go to Osaka at night (Need rail pass?)
Day 2 - 5, Osaka, Kyota, Nara (Need rail pass?)
Day 5 - Fly from Kansai Airport to Seoul South Korea
Day 6 - 7, Seoul, South Korea
Day 7 - Arrived back in Kansai Airport take train to Tokyo (Need rail pass)
Day 8 - Leave Tokyo to Narita (Need rail pass?)

Thanks for your assistance in advance.


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    I've never seen anyone do things your way, but you would make a 7-day pass pay off used Days 1-7. Using the Narita Express into & back to Tokyo, and the Haruka train from KIX to Osaka would make you break even. But why not fly from Korea to Tokyo? Why stay in Japan at all if you are just going home?

    In your case I would likely just use regular fare tickets - you can ride the Nozomi bullet trains, getting you there 30 minutes sooner. For getting to/from Narita, you can use the Access Narita bus.

    Or you could get a N'Ex round trip package.
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    Thank Tenjin. We will take th Narita Express to and from Narita/Tokyo. Would the JR Pass Kansai area pass be best for traveling 2-3 days in Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara? It also covers Osaka to KIX airport.
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    There are a lot of variables, but probably not. You really have to ride the pass to its furthest limits to make it pay off. Going to KIX helps a lot, but just not enough. If you also took a day to see Himeji, it would be a different story.
    But your time is already stretched very thin already. From your schedule above, you could see possibly see Kyoto for 2 days and put in half a day to see Nara Park, which is enough to cover the best places for the latter.

    If you have the energy, you could also see Osaka in the evening after Kyoto, which is when the city really comes alive anyway.

    Trying to cram in all the places you mention in just a week though is not the best way to go sightseeing, to be honest.
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