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JR Pass - 7 Days

Below is my rough itinerary and would like to know if JR 7DAY pass is useful for the below Day 1-7?
From Day 9 to Day 12 - What passes should I get?

Touch Down
Day 1& 2: Narita Airport - Gala Yuzawa
Day 3: Gala Yuzawa - Toyama - Kanazawa
Day 4: Toyama - Takayama - Shirakawago
Day 5: Toyama - Yokohama
Day 6: Yokohama - Hakone 1 Day Pass
Day 7: Yokohama - Shinjuku
Day 8: Shinjuku - Enoshima-Kamakura
Day 9: East Side: Asakuasa and Ueno
Day 10: Tsukiji Fish Market and Shinjuku
Day 11: West Side: Shibuya and Harajuku
Day 12: Shinjuku - Narita. Fly Home



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    You would get some good savings on a 7-day JR Pass. There are some problems in your itinerary order though.
    For your Day 4, Shirakawago has no rail access (only by bus and it is not covered by the rail pass), and it sits between Kanazawa and Takayama. The better choice would be to take the bus direct from Kanazawa to Shirakawago and continue on to Takayama. Shirakawago only takes a few hours to see.

    You are already seeing Toyama on Day 3, so after Takayama you can go to Yokohama via Nagoya.
    There are some other regional passes you can use. For Hakone, after you take a JR train to get to Odawara, you can get a Hakone Free Pass.
    The Hakone Loop Course
    is a common way to see the area and takes a full day.

    For Enoshima-Kamakura, there is a regional pass for there too.
    Although there really is enough to cover 2 days for both places - for Kamakura, you might want to stick to the Big 3 (Kotokuin Great Buddha {doesn't take long}, Hasedera {very nice temple}, and the Tsurugaoka Shrine). The first 2 are not far from Hase Station.
    For Tokyo, the Tsukiji Fish Market is CLOSED. There is just an outer ring of restaurants and stalls there now. If you want to see the fish market, it is now at Toyosu.
    For sights, you are only listing some districts. You need to narrow down where you plan to go.

    And as far as getting back to Narita goes, it depends where you are staying. The cheapest way is the 1000 yen bus.
    But it leaves from Tokyo Stn and Ginza. If you are near Ueno, the Keisei Skyliner is the fastest, though considerably pricier.
    There is a good combo ticket to use the Tokyo subways as well. But if you are on the west side, there is still the Narita Express, costing 3000 yen (you can use it with the rail pass from Narita Airport, but you must activate it at the airport first).
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    Hi Tenjin,

    Thank you so much for the quick reply.
    Sorry that I have to bother you - section by section.

    In your opinion, should i overnight at Kanazawa or Toyama? I'm a little torn in between on where to put the 2 nights (for the convenience of travelling to Takayama and Shirakawago).
    I would love to go for the Kurobe Gorge but I think it is not open in (March 12-23) right?


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    You are correct about the Kurobe Gorge - it starts in April.
    As far as which city is more interesting, Kanazawa or Toyama, it is Kanazawa - not even close. Every city has something to see, but Toyama comes up as rather dry. Kanazawa could keep you busy for a few days if you like. The crown jewel is the Kenrokuen Garden there - widely regarded as the best historical traditional garden in Japan. And many other sights that make it being called a "Little Kyoto".
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