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Overlapping period of use for different rail passes


I will be using a 7 Day All Shikoku Rail Pass from Day 1 to Day 6 of my upcoming trip. On Day 6 afternoon, I'm planning to travel from Matsuyama Station to Himeji Station. May I check if I can use Kansai Wide Area Pass on Day 6 of my trip to cover the portion from Kojima Station to Himeji Station when the All Shikoku Rail Pass is still active? Was wondering because I'm not sure if the period of use for these passes can overlap.



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    Different passes overlapping are no problem at all. There are many regional travelers who do what you are doing.
    You can check train info on Hyperdia - you can see regular fares, routes, and schedules.
    Especially for Shikoku, in some areas trains can be very slow and infrequent - to avoid waiting 1-2 hours for a train and wasting precious time, you should plan out how long you want to spend at each place you'll go to.
    It will take you about 3½ hours to get from Matsuyama to Himeji by ltd express train, and bullet train from Okayama. But you can easily see 2 of the big sights - the castle and Kokoen Garden in half a day.

    So if you travel from Matsuyama in the evening and overnight in Himeji, you could have a full day to see Himeji and somewhere else (Kobe, for example), or a bit of Matsuyama in the morning and finish the day in Himeji.
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    Hi Tenjin,

    Thank you for your reply! Glad to hear that there is no problem for different passes to overlap.

    I understand the long travelling time from Matsuyama to Himeji but it can't be helped due to the Iyonada Monogatari train operating schedule and the dates when I will be in Japan. I wanted to try my luck at it before continuing my travel to Hyogo area.

    I will be spending the day in Matsuyama, then travel in the evening and overnight at Himeji to avoid waiting day time.

    Thanks again!
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