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Narita to Numazu (Mt. Fuji area) travel 7/1-7/8

Hi, my girlfriend and I will be arriving at Narita on 7/1/2020. We will stay overnight nearby then leave Narita on 7/2 to stop at Shibuya Station for a little while then continue on to the Numazu area (Hakone? Mt. Fuji) where we will be staying for 3 nights. Depart Numazu for the Shinagawa area for 3 nights. Tour that area then on 7/8 depart the Shinagawa area for Narita Airport where we will leave that evening (7/8). I'm not sure which (if any) pass would cover this area. Any suggestions?


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    Unfortunately I don't see any passes paying off for you. The full JR Pass is the only one that covers your whole travel, but it would be a colossal waste of money for such a short distance. That said, Numazu is too far and you are staying too long for the regional passes to help you out. It's unclear why you choose Numazu, but if you want to see Hakone, you can get a Hakone Free Pass from Odawara or Mishima Stns, or if you want to see the Izu area, there are regional passes for there as well.
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    I appreciate your response. It is just a casual trip that my girlfriend and I are planning on taking. Yes, we will be going for Hakone but I couldn't find any hotels for that time in that area. I have booked the hotel but can still cancel if I find something a little closer. There are just a few things we wanted to actually see and add as we go along so we'll see. Again, I appreciate your advice. Thank you!!!
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