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Question about names on exchange order


i've recently received my exchange orders for JR Pass, but I've
noticed that the exchange order only shows one of my last names.

Name on passport:

Ariel Roberto Hernández Lopez (so, first name + middle name + two last names)

The exchange order says:

Ariel Hernández (so, first name + first last name)

is this going to be a problem to make the exchange?

Thanks in advance


  • Having the name on your rail pass voucher is nothing compared to airline tickets (which also must comply with nation's immigration laws). As long as the name matches, that's what matters most. If a middle name is omitted, it is not worth worrying over. If you like, you can do a search on past questions here - yours is hardly the first time this has happened.
  • Just a little follow up in case anyone else goes through this situation: I had no problem to exchange the voucher, just like Tenjin said.

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