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Kawaguchiko to Kyoto

I see that the JR Line does not take you all the way to Fujikawaguchiko so I wanted to ask what the proper routing on train should be when leaving Fujikawaguchiko to Kyoto and when leaving Tokyo for Kawaguchi. We are considering staying near the FujiQ park in Fujiyoshida at the Highlands Resort & Spa and I have gotten conflicting comments about which trains and stations we have to use. Thank You.


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    You are right that you can't use the JR Pass to go the Fuji 5 Lakes - only up to Otsuki. You have a choice - you can pay for a bus to take you to Mishima or Odawara Stn (about 90 min) to pick up the bullet train (about 2 more hours) or if you want to use the JR pass, pay to go back to Otsuki and take JR trains from there on. It will take you nearly 4 hours that way though, and you'd likely be getting the bullet train from Shin-Yokohama. You'd lose maybe half an hour that way. For more detail, please read here:
    and just reverse the order.
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