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Sim card or Wi-Fi pocket

I want to ask advice:
What is the difference: if you buy a sim card or pocket wifi?
we are 2 people who will be on the trip for about 8 days and we will have 2 mobile phones.
I see the price of $ 20 for one SIM card or $ 49 for renting one pocket wifi. For money, it’s more profitable to take 2 sim cards.
Could there be a difference in speed, volume of traffic?


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    You have to look at the particulars of where in Japan you are, as well as the specs of the phone and pocket wi-fi, but for most, either will have more than adequate speeds. The first factor you have to check is if your phone is unlocked. If not, then pocket wi-fi is the only option. The advantages of the pocket wi-fi is that you can connect multiple devices through it (though for some phones with a SIM card you can also do tethering). There are generally no bandwidth restrictions on pocket wi-fi, so they may be better if you plan to do a lot of mass uploads and downloads (like saving your photos and video online as you go) or downloading tons of youtube videos while on the trains etc.
    (Some SIM cards say "unlimited" use, but if you check the fine print, they may throttle down your speed a lot if you exceed a daily limit).
    The disadvantages of the pocket wi-fi are 1) they tend to cost more over time, 2) they discharge pretty quickly, so you constantly need to charge them with a portable battery, or at a coffee shop or somewhere 3) they are bulkier and you'll have more to carry around. and 4) you need to return the unit at the end of your trip by mail or at the airport, whereas SIM cards you simply throw away.
    I for one am happy with the SIM card. But use whatever you prefer.
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    This is an exhaustive answer.
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