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JR 7/14/21 Pass and Kyushu JR Pass

I am planning to get the JR pass to travel between Tokyo to Kyushu. I will activate my first day on my last day in Tokyo but I am not too certain whether I can use the JR 7/14/21 days pass in Kyushu since Kyushu have their own Kyushu JR passes. Can someone confirm whether I can use the regular JR 7/14/21 days pass for my whole trip (the following are the routes)? Thank you.

Tokyo to Kansai (Osaka / Kyoto / Kobe)
Osaka to Fukuoka (Hakata)
Hakata to Kumamoto
Hakata to Saga
Saga to Nagasaki
Nagasaki to Hakata


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    You don't give any times that you are spending at each place. By a rough calculation, you'd be close to making a 14-day rail pass pay off, but as you mentioned, it might be better to get the 7-day pass to get down to Fukuoka and use it a bit, and for the rest of your time, use a 3 or 5 day Northern Kyushu Rail Pass (or even Sun-Q bus pass). Without more info, it's impossible to say.
    Kyushu does have a lot of great sights though.

    You might want to explore further using a rail pass calculator
    or use www.hyperdia.com to calculate rail fares.
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    Hi Tenjin, thanks for your reply. Basically I will be spending 1 night or just day trip at those locations. Everything is not fixed yet and has not decide how many days pass I want to buy but as of now, I just want to know whether the JR 7/14/21 days are usable in the route I am planning.
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    The 21-day pass will likely be a money loser. The 14-day pass might work, but as said, the 7-day pass plus the Kyushu rail pass would come out cheaper. It would help you to firm up your destinations and times more - decide the places/times first, then pick the best pass to use.
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