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JR Pass and Hakone Free Pas

A friend and I are travelling to Japan at the end of March and are trying to find out our best options regarding a train pass. We are planning the following:

Day 1: arrive at Narita Airport
Days 2/3 - Tokyo
Day 4 - train to Hiroshima
Day 5 - train to Kyoto
Days 6/7/8 - Kyoto, incl day trip to Nara
Day 9 - train to Hakone
Day 10 - Hakone
Day 11 - Train to Tokyo
Day 12 - fly out of Narita airport

We aren't sure whether we are better off with a 14 day pass and then all of our travel is covered, or whether to get a 7 day pass and activate it when we leave Tokyo, and then get a Hakone Free Pass and Tokyo travel card for the remaining days. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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