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Suitable JR Station at these locations


I have gotten a 21-day JR Pass and wish to seek your professional advise which JR Station is suitable for me to arrange for my accommodation and transfer from one prefecture to another without changing any public transportation..

1. Narita airport to Tokyo

2. Tokyo to Aomori

3. Aomori to Hakodate

4. Hakodate to Sapporo

5. Sapporo to Otaru

6.Sapporo to Furano

7. Tokyo to Nikko

8. Nikko to Nagoya

9. Nagoya to Hiroshima

10. Hiroshima to Nagasaki

11. Nagasaki to Himeji

12. Himeji to Kyoto

Thank you.


  • Hi,
    The question is kind of unclear. So you don't want to change your transportation a lot from your hotel to the JR line? Then why not find a hotel near the JR station? There are many inexpensive business hotel chains like Toyoko Inn, Superhotel, Comfort Inn, Route Inn, Dormy Inn, etc and unless you want something fancier, you'll find them quiet, decent, comfortable, conveniently located, not to mention free wi-fi and many even throw in breakfast for free.

    BTW there is a huge gap between Furano and Tokyo - were you planning to fly? If you were thinking of taking the train, that would completely murder the whole day, taking over 11½ hours of sitting on trains and waiting in stations. Flying on a cheap low cost carrier like Jet Star, Peach or Vanilla from Sapporo would make a lot more sense.
  • Hi Tenjin,

    Thank you for sharing.

    As I am a sole traveler and this is my first time visiting your beautiful country, I wish to work out a budget for this trip.

    I wish to search for some quiet place to stay which is near the JR station so that I don't have to figure out any transit and save me from carrying my luggage far away.

    Yes, you are correct, I will be flying back from Furano to Tokyo instead.
  • Tokyo: Tokyo Station or Ueno Station

    Aomori: Shin Aomori Station

    Hakodate: Hakodate Station

    Sapporo: Sapporo Station

    Otaru: Otaru Station

    Furano: Furano Station

    Nikko: Nikko Station (JR)

    Nagoya: Nagoya Station

    Hiroshima: Hiroshima Station

    Nagasaki: Nagasaki Station

    Himeji: Himeji Station

    Kyoto: Kyoto Station

    Please note that you may have troubles finding budget-friendly accommodation next to some of these stations. A few of them may not have convenient options for staying very close by.

    Hoping this helps!
  • Hi Faiyez,
    Thanks for sharing.

    Do all these stations have connecting JR lines whereby I can find some where else ?
    Any good location to recommend ?
    Thank you.
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  • Hi Shahed, Thanks for the good suggestion. I will do that if I need to make a detour along my trip.
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