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Super Azusa

Hi. I plan to buy JR pass 7 day but wondering if the pass is cover Chuo limited express (Super Azusa) departs from Shinjuku Station and travels directly to Hakuba station. Kindly advise.


  • Hi,
    All the trains that are exceptions and can't be used with the Pass are clearly listed on the official info page:
  • Thank for your reply. In fact, I'm planning to visit Hakuba, Takayama, shiragawago, Kyoto and Osaka within 9 days. Appreciate if you could advise on the suitable pass.
  • You don't give your full itinerary, so it's hard to be concise. Are you returning to Tokyo? If so, and you can return within 7 days, a 7 day pass would pay off. Otherwise, a 14 day pass would not without expanding your itinerary a lot.

    Be aware also that going from Hakuba to Takayama is going to be very tedious - with the best connection, taking over 4½ hours and many transfers.

    You can see regular fares, routes and schedules on Hyperdia.

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