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JR Pass Itinerary Help

So I need some help knowing how I'll navigate my upcoming travels. Below is my itinerary for my week in Japan:
NRT to Osaka
Osaka to Kyoto (will the JR Pass work for this segment?)
Kyoto to Tokyo
Travels within Tokyo (will the JR Pass work within Tokyo?)
If someone could let me know which trains I would take for these travels, as I'm debating whether to do the JR train or fly from Tokyo to Osaka and back.
Thanks in advance for the help!


  • edited February 2017
    You can use a 7 day JR pass and get you money's worth by using it from Narita airport to Kansai and back. While you cannot use it for city subways, you can use it on the JR Osaka loop line as well as Tokyo Yamanote Line, which goes to several popular tourist areas. For some others, you can just buy a subway ticket which is not really expensive.

    As for flying, if you use a low cost carrier like Jet Star, Peach, or Vanilla Air, it does come out as cheaper. Although they have very low bag allowances, so a takuhaibin service might be cheaper.
    That said, any time savings you get by flying really goes up in smoke when you look at getting to/from the airports, unless you are really close to one. The bullet trains are overall more convenient, and take you straight to the downtown areas. Your choice.

    You would also greatly enhance your experience by spending at least half a day in Nara, and Himeji too (with Japan's best castle) if you can.
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