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Unsure of the exact length of a one week pass. When does it expire?

If I activate the pass on March 14, 2018 at 10:00 am, does that mean that seven days later on March 21, 2018 if I have a train at 9:00 am that takes over 3 hours will the pass have already expired in the middle of the journey? Do I need to arrive at my destination before 10:00 on March 21? or does it go until midnight that day? Sorry if other people asked this before. I tried to search for this information but could not find it here.


  • Oh Ok, I found most of the answer on this site! Does that mean if you start March 1 can you theoretically travel at 11 pm on March 7? (and arrive after midnight on the 8th?)
  • Hi,
    The day you activate it for to use counts as Day One - which starts and ends at midnight. So if you activate it to use it that day at 6 PM, your first "day" is just 6 hours long.

    You can also exchange your order for the pass and designate a future date to start on it - so for example to start using your pass from the earliest train possible (sometimes departing before the office even opens) or to leave from another station where you can't exchange your order for the pass, you can set the first day as tomorrow, or 3 days from today, or whenever up to a month in advance. Please note that the exchange order must be turned in for the pass within three months of the date the order was issued. So if you want to start using the pass in mid-Sept, you should not buy the exchange order until after the middle of June.

    In answer to your question, if you activate your pass with the first day as Mar 1, the JR Pass will expire at the end of Mar 7. Few trains run through midnight, but for the sake of argument, if you are on a train with the last day of Mar 7 and the train keeps running past midnight into Mar 8, you can still ride using the pass, provided that you don't get off the train. If you exit the station, your pass is dead.
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